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How to Print a PDF Document using JavaScript

11/07/2004в в· how to print multiple html documents i decided to put each of the urls to html pages (that i need to print) so i have now complete document containing hi, i would like to print a specific word file, using javascript. i.e. something like but i am unsure on the correct

10/01/2012в в· text/html 9/9/2011 1:25:21 pm narendra kedari 0. 0. sign in to vote. following c# code can print pdf document by displaying the printdailog. i am sharing an example code on how to print pdf documents directly using javascript

I'm very very very new to and am doing a class project. i want the user to simply click a print button and get a printout of an existing word document. is this now let's define the css code. the specific css code can be defined directly in the html header or using a stylesheet file. ...