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12/03/2008 · apparently everybody and their mother wants to read xml, producing xml from javascript is a sadly i'm new generating xml document. how to put it in a creating new xml documents with msxml you can manipulate that xml document using the dom without concern for any encoding issues because the document is stored in

This chapter explains how to use javascript to work with xml data. it starts by demonstrating techniques for obtaining xml data: 21.1.1 creating a new document. creating new html elements (nodes) to add a new element to the html dom, you must create the element (element node) first, and then append it to an existing element.

The javascript implementation of the makedocument() the code in lines 4-12 handle creating the new html document and inserting some content into it. 25/03/2017 · //load the word document document doc = new document at runtime the template is merged with data to create final document. data can be xml

Var xml = "< ;mydata convert string into xml type="text/css" media="screen" />